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Strength Building Workouts

Steve Justa Strength Training Singles Routines

Steve Justa strength training singles routines.

Big Three Routine #1

– Train every day
– 4 singles with each lift with a minute or two rest in between. Use 70% of your max.
– Add 5 lbs to your bench every 3 days and 10 lbs to your… Read more

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Old School

Anthony Ditillo, Beast and Writer

Anthony Ditillo was a writer for Peary Rader’s Iron Man Magazine. His forte was training for strength, but was Anthony was very knowledgeable on all things weight training.

He wrote several books including, The Development of MuscularRead more

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The Peary Rader Solution For Size And Strength

Many of today’s trainees suffer from the notion that you have to put in hours of training, several times a week, to pack on real size. This might be true … if you desperately want to be the next Mr. Olympia, and if you have access to the… Read more

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