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Muscle and Brawn News: 01/23/2009

Not just a pretty face…fitness model Amanda Harris is also a powerlifter. Little Mac throws Big Mac under the bus over steroid use. 2009 Ironman Pro picks. Can powerlifting get back on TV? Arnold Sports Festival schedule of events (PDF)….

Muscle and Brawn News: 01/07/2009

Powerlifting…2008, the year in review. Transformation of the week…Philip Gilchrist adds 28 pounds of muscle. Johnnie Jackson making a splash in Vegas. US Senate: steroids in wrestling a major problem. Pumping Iron director George Butler dies. The right way to…

What is a Prohormone?

What is a Prohormone? A prohormone, as is, has very little hormonal impact. It is a hormonal precursor. Once it is digested by the body, it is transformed, and acts just like an anabolic steroid. For weight lifters, prohormones assist…

Is It Best to Use Arnold’s Routine?

Is it best to use Arnold’s (Jay Cutler’s, Dorian Yates’) routine? Generally, no. Using the workout routine of a lifter that uses steroids isn’t always the wisest decision. Steroids users can train longer, and with more intensity than natural lifters….