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Beast Mode: How to Become a Hardcore Squatter

It’s time to put aside the bullshit and get under the bar. Ready? Who cares if you’re ready – it’s time to squat!

If you want to be hardcore – not the type of “hardcore” that involves wearing Under… Read more

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My Failed Attempt At Box Squats/Wide Stance Squats

For most of my life I’ve performed conventional, narrow stance squats. Way back in the day, or 1986 for those of you keeping score at home, I stumbled upon a picture of Tom Platz performing deep, narrow stanced squats. His heels seemed … Read more

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Making Squats Work For You

Bodybuilders today are still debating on whether squats are beneficial or not. Many fitness experts and squat advocates consider the squat as the best type of exercise, claiming that there is no other type of exercise which comes close to its… Read more

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Build Muscle with the 20 Rep Squat

There are literally thousands of muscle building routines on the Internet. More then enough to confuse even the most season bodybuilder. But one piece of training advise rings truer then any other…20 reps squats build muscle.

20 rep… Read more

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Leg Training: Eleven Sets of Squats

Leg Training: Eleven Sets of Squats, by Bill Anton

  • Squats — 3 sets x 8 reps
  • Add 20 – 40 pounds, then 3 sets x 5 reps
  • Add 20 – 40 pounds, then 5 sets x 3 reps

Specialize on this with 2 days between squat days.

After a while the gaps will… Read more

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Squats: Are They Really That Important?

These days, it seems like everyone “already knows” how important squats are.

And yet, it’s still incredibly rare to see anyone performing full squats in most gyms. And it’s even more rare to see someone working HARD with the barbell… Read more

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The Crusher, a Bodybuilding Routine for Bodybuilders who love to Max on Deadlifts and Squats

Love to max on deadlift and squat? Finding it hard to incorporate heavy deadlift and squat training into your bodybuilding routine? Well, do I got a solution for you. I call this bodybuilding routine the Crusher.

The Crusher allows you to lift… Read more

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