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Understanding Single, Double and Triple Progression

Progression is the king of all training techniques and tactics. If you do more then you did the previous time in the gym, you force your body to respond. Most training systems focus on progression of: A)    Reps, and then…

The Godfather of Progressive Resistance

Before you ever pick up barbell, you should know the story of Milo. It should be posted on the door of every gym. Milo of Croton was a six-time Olympic wresting champion nearly 3,000 years ago. The legend of Milo…

Common Beginner Weight Training Errors

Weight training is like sex. Most everyone has done it, and most everyone will tell you that they are experts. And the odd thing about these experts is that so many new trainees take their advice, and run with it….

Bodybuilding Series, Part 2

Bodybuilding Series, Part 2 NOTE: The following article is the first in a series on bodybuilding basics for beginners and intermediate lifters. Please stay tuned for more to come… ROUTINE ESSENTIALS What are the core essentials needed for a good…


The Rules Of Productive Weight Training For The Drug-Free Trainee

“The information below is probably the most “honest” you’ll ever read in any bodybuilding article, and it’s probably the most important article I’ve ever written, or will ever write, regarding bodybuilding and the bodybuilding industry.” This is a long article….