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Old School Strength Training

My Beginnings by Paul Anderson

When I was in college, all of the football players lived together in one large athletic dorm called McGee Hall, on the old Furman University  campus. As strange as it may seem there were no coaches or any other adults living in the dormitory with… Read more

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Old School Strength Training

Bob Peoples – World’s Greatest Deadlifter

There has been quite a bit of controversy as to whether or not power lifting competitions should be held and who should govern these lifts. I served on the first committee for power lifting appointed by Mr. David A. Matlin, National AAU Weightlifting… Read more

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Old School Strength Training

Increase Your Bench Pressing Power

A friend of mine, not long ago, was stuck for two months at 218 lbs. bodyweight and a 205 lb. bench press. Try as he might, he just couldn’t seem to make any headway with his limit attempt. His training partner, who weighed 30 lbs. less than he, … Read more

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Old School

The Mental Approach

One fact appears to be certain in the weight lifting field: whenever anyone fails to make substantial gains from training, he immediately begins to search for some nonexistent secrets that will assure him of success. He feels that he must find… Read more

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Old School Strength Training

Squat The Key Lift

The squat has been labeled a monster by the Journal of American Medical Association (Aug. 1961) and by Prof. Karl Klein of the University of Texas in Sports Illustrated (March 12, 1962). Coaches across the country, who once used squats as a conditioner,… Read more

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Old School Strength Building Workouts

Hepburn’s Law PDF Download

Hepburn’s Law

=> Download Hepburn’s Law PDF (9.7 mb)

Hepburn’s Law: A revolutionary strength program that allows you to realize your ultimate potential without failure with regular gains each training period.

E+4-F=URead more

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Muscle Building Workouts Old School

The Boring But Big Training Program From The Man Who Out-Muscled Arnold

In 1966, the world’s most famous bodybuilder (Arnold Schwartzeneggar) enter the Mr. Universe Amateur competition (talll division).

He took 2nd place.

The man who beat him? Chet Yorton.

Here’s some incredible details about the man who… Read more

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