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The Monster Confusion 10 Week Muscle Mass Building Cycle

The importance of the muscle confusion principle is well known. If you keep working your body the same way for months on end, it will adapt. And finding a suitable lifting routine to replace the one your currently on can…

Bulldozer Weight Training System Basics, by Muscle and Brawn

Origins. The Bulldozer Training system is a mix of Doggcrapp training, Max-Stim training, and Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty training. On the surface, Bulldozer Training doesn’t necessarily look like any of these systems. Here is what I pulled from each… Doggcrapp…


Max Stim Workout Routine

Max Stim Workout Routine M-Time – The Max Factor M-Time is the time between each rep, after each rep the weight should be racked or set down and gotten completely out of your hands for the duration of the M-Time….

St. Wilhelm’s, Deadlift 405 x 30

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