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Want $100-200 in Free Supplements?

Want $100-200 in free supplements? Come and get it! Muscle and Brawn is giving away supplement cash. Here is how you collect: Run a Log. Run a supplement or training log in the forum, and receive $20 in free supplements. …

Run a Log, Get $20 in Free Supplements

Muscle and Brawn is giving away free supplements. Run a log in the forum over a 30 day period, and get $20 in free supplements from —–. It’s as easy as that! For more information, please visit the Training Forum.

What to Do When Your Bench Press Total is Decreasing

Over at Discuss Bodybuilding, they are exploring what you can do if you are experiencing a decrease in your bench press poundage… “That could be so many things. Are you eating the same or more than before? Are you supps…


Website of the Month: – or The Weightrainer – is a website run by Casey Butt. It features articles on finding potential lean body mass for natural bodybuilders, information on the neuromuscular system and it’s relationship to getting…


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