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Back Exercises

Back Exercises for Bodybuilders and Powerlifters

Back Exercises. The back muscles are often one of the most under-worked muscle groups by bodybuilders and casual weight trainers. On this page you’ll learn about popular back exercises, as well as proper form. Some of the exercises … Read more

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Box Squat Questions

Philos Geek…Are box squats worse for the knees then regular squats? I’ve been told that box squats train the hamstring and glutes mores then regular squats. Because my quadriceps aren’t getting hit as hard, won’t my knees take a beating?… Read more

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Deadlift Questions, Part 2

Bulky72…How many bodybuilders use deadlifting in their lifting routines? In my gym, I see very few, if any guys using the deadlift.

Muscle and Brawn…The deadlift is not a popular lift for casual bodybuilders and weight lifters. There … Read more

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7 (Plus 7) Core Bodybuilding Exercises

The land of bodybuilding routines is vast and complex. There are full body routines, one set per bodypart routines, routines that use rest-pause, routines that feature training just shy of failure, and routines that are high volume.

But while… Read more

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