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Bigger Deadlift Through Partial Training

I felt that since the first article did so well, that I would continue on with the series. The deadlift is without a shadow of doubt, MY top choice for putting on some serious size and strength. Face it, who wants to be small and weak? If it’s… Read more

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14-Week Anello Deadlift Cycle

This 14 week deadlift cycle comes from powerlifter Vince Anello. It is taken from the 183 article by Vince Anello, 14-Week Deadlift Cycle.

I have drawn up a 14-week routine for the deadlift. If a lifter’s previous best was 600, I feel 650 would

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Place your feet halfway under the bar with your toes pointed out in a comfortable position. Reach down and grab the bar. Next, lower your hips until your shins touch the bar. Lock your arms, push your chest out and tighten your back and traps, and… Read more

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The Crusher, a Bodybuilding Routine for Bodybuilders who love to Max on Deadlifts and Squats

Love to max on deadlift and squat? Finding it hard to incorporate heavy deadlift and squat training into your bodybuilding routine? Well, do I got a solution for you. I call this bodybuilding routine the Crusher.

The Crusher allows you to lift… Read more

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Deadlift Questions, Part 1

DizzyRat…What rep and set scheme should I use for deadlifts? I want to do compound lifts, but deadlifts are a real pain in the ass.

Muscle and Brawn…Deadlifts can be a real pain, but they are one of the best anabolic lifts for natural lifters.… Read more

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Frequent Pulling for Faster Progress: 12 Weeks to a Bigger Deadlift

Frequent Pulling for Faster Progress: 12 Weeks to a Bigger Deadlift, by Eric Cressey

The deadlift is the bastard child of powerlifting; it doesn’t get much love.  Maybe it’s the fact that the deadlift is less impacted by equipment than… Read more

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Ted Bruner’s Deadlift Routine

Ted Bruner’s Deadlift Routine. **for different strength levels, if your max is 400 and starting lift for the routine is 500, mulitply
poundages by 0.8; if your max 600, mulitiply the poundages by 1.2
(ex. your max divided by 575 equal … Read more

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