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Old School Strength Training

Bob Peoples – World’s Greatest Deadlifter

There has been quite a bit of controversy as to whether or not power lifting competitions should be held and who should govern these lifts. I served on the first committee for power lifting appointed by Mr. David A. Matlin, National AAU Weightlifting… Read more

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Muscle Building

How To Gain Weight with One Exercise

When people ask me how to gain weight the first thing I ask them is if they do deadlifts. If you are trying to get big but aren’t including deadlifts in your program you are simply wasting your time. There is simply no more effective exercise than… Read more

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Powerlifting Rules

Powerlifting Rules

Powerlifting Rules

Squat Rules – Powerlifting

The lift starts with the lifter standing erect and the bar loaded with weights resting on the lifter’s shoulders. At the referee’s command the lift begins. The lifter bends… Read more

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Strength Training

Paul Anderson: How I Developed my Pulling Power

How I Developed my Pulling Power by Paul Anderson

Just as in the press, when I found I only pressing was not enough to develop my pressing power; my pull did not advance rapidly from just performing the snatch and clean. Not advancing the way I should… Read more

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Back Exercises

Back Exercises for Bodybuilders and Powerlifters

Back Exercises. The back muscles are often one of the most under-worked muscle groups by bodybuilders and casual weight trainers. On this page you’ll learn about popular back exercises, as well as proper form. Some of the exercises … Read more

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Powerlifting Workouts

Benedikt Magnusson Deadlift Routine

Benedikt Magnusson deadlift routine, by told by Stefán Sölvi

Week A
Deadlift warm up to about 80%
80% 8 set x 2 reps
Platform deadlift about 3-4 inch high
Train with weights from 40-70%
4-6 sets x 4 reps Speed!
Then go down to about 40-50% 2 set x 8 … Read more

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Proper Deadlift Setup Video, Mark Rippetoe

Here we have Mark Rippetoe demonstrating proper deadlift setup. Note the simplicity of his deadlift setup instructions. Mark Rippetoe teaches a setup system that is very easy for the lifter to remember, and one that is easy to repeat. Quality… Read more

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