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Doggcrapp Training Program Overview

Doggcrapp Training – DC Training Program Overview, by Mike Westerdal

If you’ve read more than two articles I’ve written then you should know that I favor unconventional training methodologies that push and challenge… Read more

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Bodybuilding Articles Bodybuilding Workouts

6 Intense Workout Routines

Looking for an intense workout routines that is off the well-worn path? Tired of the same old uninspiring training splits, training techniques, and cookie cutter training approaches? Then look no further.

These 6 routines will satisfy your… Read more

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Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions

Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions. What is a negative rep?

Each bodybuilding exercise has 2 phases; the eccentric and concentric phase. The actual rep itself – or the act of exertion required to push or pull a weight –… Read more

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