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Smith Machine Bench Press

Place bench under a Smith Machine. Before loading on weight, make sure the bench is aligned in the middle and the bar is placed at the desired height. Lie on the bench with feet on the ground. With hands placed…



Place hands on the ground slightly outside of shoulder-width. When arms are extended they should be aligned with your shoulders. Your legs should be stretched back with toes on the ground. From your head to you feet should be a…


Pin Press

Place a bench in the middle of a power rack. Adjust pins to the height to where you would like the bar to be placed (some have the bar start at midway of lockout). Lie on bench with shoulders back…


Pec Dec

Sit in machine with hands placed on handles. Elbows should be slightly bent with shoulders back and chest up. Bring handles together in a wide arched path with elbows fixed and contracting your chest. Pause, and slowly return to the…


Machine Bench Press – Hammer Strength

Lie back on the bench with handles lined up with your mid chest. Keep your shoulders back and chest up, press the weight until arms are just short of lockout. Lower the weight back to the starting position and repeat….


Incline Bench Press

Lie on an incline bench with feet on the ground. With hands placed on the bar just outside of shoulder-width, unrack the bar making sure your shoulders are back and chest is up. In a controlled manner, lower the bar…


Dumbell Flyes

Seated on a bench with dumbbells on your thighs, kick the weights up to your shoulders and lie back. With dumbbells in the top position, elbows should be slightly bent and palms facing each other. Lower your arms to the…