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The Rock, Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine And Diet

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, used this workout routine while trying to trim down from 14 to 7% bodyfat for some of his Hollywood movie roles. He trained six pays per week, resting on day seven. Monday, Wednesday, Friday Chest,…


Brock Lesnar MMA Workout Routine

Before weight training, Brock Lesnar begins each workout with: Grappling/Wrestling – 10 minutes Striking/Ground & Pound – 25 minutes Circuit Training Brock Lesnar Circuit Training Round One (Pushing Endurance): Spiderman Push-ups, Plyo Push-ups, Mounted Punching, Tire Push, Hand Switch. Round…


John Cena Workout Routine

Build muscle like WWE superstar and champion John Cena using this 5 day muscle building workout routine split.


Bill Goldberg Workout Routine

Professional wrestler Bill Goldberg at one point used the following workout routine to build his muscle mass and power. Day 1 Heavy Cleans Light Snatches Olympic Squats Weighted Back Extensions Neck Braces Day 2 Heavy Snatches Light Cleans Close-Grip Incline…


The Thor Chris Hemsworth Workout And Bulking Diet

Chris Hemsworth, the actor playing Thor in the latest Summer movie blockbuster by Marvel Comics, used the following workout routine to help him add 20 pounds of muscle. This Thor workout is THE actual workout performed by Chris Hemsworth. The…


Frank Zane Workouts

Mr. Olympia Frank Zane used the following workout split leading up to his 1977 victory. Monday – Morning Legs and Calves. Monday – Afternoon Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms and Abs. Tuesday – Mornings Back Tuesday – Afternoon Chest, Triceps and Abs…


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout And Diet Plan

This workout by Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally featured in the October, 1991 issue of Muscle Mag. Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout A – Performed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Chest Bench press – 5 sets, 6-10 reps Flat bench flies – 5…