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Rate of Drug-Free Muscle Gain

For most people muscle building is a slow process. Of course, there are those who are extremely genetically gifted and respond quickly to even the most poorly constructed and applied of programs, but most people are not in this category….

Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements

Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements, by Casey Butt, Ph.D. For a drug-free athlete trying to develop maximum muscle mass, the knowledge of how much muscle can be developed without the use of anabolic drugs would be a very valuable…


Website of the Month: – or The Weightrainer – is a website run by Casey Butt. It features articles on finding potential lean body mass for natural bodybuilders, information on the neuromuscular system and it’s relationship to getting…

Natural Bodybuilding: How Big Can I Get?

Is it possible to know how big I can get with natural bodybuilding? Casey Butt has an amazing article on this subject. Here is an excerpt: Based on an analysis of some 300 class and overall title winning drug-free bodybuilders…


The Rules Of Productive Weight Training For The Drug-Free Trainee

“The information below is probably the most “honest” you’ll ever read in any bodybuilding article, and it’s probably the most important article I’ve ever written, or will ever write, regarding bodybuilding and the bodybuilding industry.” This is a long article….

Training to Failure, an Inside Look

Way back in the early 1970s Arthur Jones popularized the notion of training to failure with his series of articles in Iron Man magazine. Training to the point of muscular failure, Jones explained, was the necessary stimulus for maximum muscular…