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Leg and Back Bulking Routine

A SAMPLE LEG AND BACK BULKING ROUTINE by Anthony Ditillo Monday – (A) Full Squat, (B) Bent Legged Deadlift (C) Bent Over Row Tuesday – (A) Bench Press, (B) Seated Press, (C) Seated Curl Wednesday – Complete rest Thursday –…

Is Extra Protein Needed During Bodybuilding Bulking

Is extra protein needed during bodybuilding bulking? Do you need to crack open 4 more cans of tuna, fry up another pound of chicken breasts, or slam protein drinks like a crazy drunk at a kegger? The answer in no….


5 Easy Tips for Bodybuilding Bulking

Mick Madden

Bulking. Bulking is key to gaining muscle mass. It is much easier for the body to add muscle if you are eating a calorie surplus. But most trainees have a hard time bulking, and gaining mass. How many times have…