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Lee Haney Bodybuilding Routine

Lee Haney Training Routine. Lee Haney preferred to workout on a three day on, one day off format. Lee also performed morning and evening splits, for a total of 6 workouts in 3 days. This is an intense training style,…

The Crusher, a Bodybuilding Routine for Bodybuilders who love to Max on Deadlifts and Squats

Love to max on deadlift and squat? Finding it hard to incorporate heavy deadlift and squat training into your bodybuilding routine? Well, do I got a solution for you. I call this bodybuilding routine the Crusher. The Crusher allows you…


Max Stim Workout Routine

Max Stim Workout Routine M-Time – The Max Factor M-Time is the time between each rep, after each rep the weight should be racked or set down and gotten completely out of your hands for the duration of the M-Time….

Barry Merriman Periodized Bodybuilding Plan

My Sample Bodybuilding Routine This routine is intended primarily to add muscle and body mass. We must consider all factors related to growth: (a) Diet: You need a high calorie diet to grow, with plenty of protein. You should get…