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Making the Connection:The Tie Between Bodybuilding Magazines and Supplement Companies

It’s no secret that the bodybuilding magazine industry is in bed with the supplement industry. But did you know that most major bodybuilding magazines are corporate bed-fellows with supplement companies?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen,… Read more

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How to Gain 70 Pounds of Muscle in 3 Weeks

How to Gain 70 Pounds of Muscle in 3 Weeks …or, What I’ve Learned by Reading the Ads in Muscular Development

For a moment, let’s pretend we’re new to the sport of bodybuilding. Better yet, mentally put yourself into the sandals of a 130… Read more

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Deadlift Questions, Part 2

Bulky72…How many bodybuilders use deadlifting in their lifting routines? In my gym, I see very few, if any guys using the deadlift.

Muscle and Brawn…The deadlift is not a popular lift for casual bodybuilders and weight lifters. There … Read more

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Gain Muscle Mass Without Reading Muscle and Fitness Magazines

Dear Friend,

Just the other day a friend approached me for help. He has been training for several months (at least six months, I think) with little to no gains. I put him on a good routine that he would definitely make good gains on quickly. He was… Read more

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