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Old School Westside Barbell Training

Old School Westside Barbell Training.

Old school Westside Percentage Training.

Week 1: 70% x 8×3
Week 2: 75% x 8×3
Week 3: 80% x 6×3
Week 4: 85% x 5×2
Week 5: 80%x2, 85%x2, 90%x2

Week 1 – 15 singles @ 65%
Week … Read more

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The Second Key to Old School Success for New School Beginners: Rest Like A Baby

If you don’t make time to rest, you won’t have time to grow.  That’s the long and short of it.  Most gym goers, and especially first time beginners, place most of their emphasis on their workouts.  Huge sets, super sets, and ten exercises… Read more

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Bulking Nutrition

Bulldozer Bodybuilding Bulking System

Much is said about the subject of bodybuilding bulking. Two primary bulking camps exist: clean and dirty. Clean bodybuilding bulkers believe that you should eat an excess amount of calories, but they should come from healthy sources. Dirty… Read more

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