Supplement Review: MuscleTech IntraVol

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Today I’m going to be reviewing MuscleTech’s latest addition to its supplement lineup, IntraVol. IntraVol joins what seems to be a new area being explored by supplement manufacturers, intra-workout. Over the past few months companies like BSN, Universal and Nutrex have also released intra-workout supplements.

So can drinking IntraVol during your workout help you reach you goals faster than water? Does IntraVol taste good and mix well? Is IntraVol worth it? Let’s take a look…


IntraVol only has one flavor, Icey Fruit Punch. The taste was very sweet on the first dose, mixed with around 20oz of water. I found that I finished this ¾ of the way through my workout, so the following workout I mixed it with 25oz of water and it tasted OK. I’ve tasted much better (and much worse!). Average.


No problem, a few shakes and it mixed fine. Have to give it a few swirls to make sure nothing settles before you sip it. No complaints here.

Muscletech IntravolIngredients:

It’s always a challenge to read MuscleTech Labels. They like to make their products look as complex as possible! There are 3 key ingredients that stick out for me in IntraVol. Firstly, waxy maize starch is used as the carbohydrate source. Waxy is quick on the uptake, which makes it ideal for replenishing carbohydrate stores during training.

Secondly, we have B vitamins. B vitamins play a role in facilitating a whole array of metabolic processes in the nervous and cardiovascular systems. B vitamins are often depleted during training, which is why it makes sense to include them. Third, amino acids. Helped by the carbohydrates, amino acids will be shuttled into muscle tissue to help prevent catabolism and start the recover process sooner. This could leave to faster recover times and less muscle wastage.

Noticeable Difference?

When you read MuscleTech’s creative product descriptions I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this was some kind of joke! I used IntraVol over one weeks’ workouts, and there were some quite noticeable differences. First, I noticed a huge increase in energy during my workout. Not the kind of energy that you get from creatine (explosiveness), but I felt like I could train longer and the second half of my workouts were not such a struggle. Second, I felt less fatigued after you training sessions, especially legs where most days I literally have to lay down when I get home!

I did not notice any difference in pumps. And I didn’t expect to. There is nothing in IntraVol that is going to increase your pumps significantly.


At 40.99 it seems like a lot (and MuscleTech products always are), but with 32 servings it should last you quite a while. If you train 4 times per week, it’s going to last you about 2 months which isn’t bad. Compared to its competitors, the main one being Volumaize by BSN, it’s a dollar or two cheaper.


So is IntraVol worth it? I would have to say yes. Not essential by any means, but if you can afford to add an extra supplement to your arsenal then yes. It tastes ok, mixes easily and has enough noticeable differences during training to warrant the expense in my opinion. The free shaker is also a bonus, but you would also get one with Volumaize.

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  • Draven Jul 22,2011 at 11:32 am

    I’ve read a lot of negativity about muscletech, specifically about how pricey it can be but I must say this stuff intravol stuff has worked wonders for me. NOTHING i’ve tried before has ever given me as much energy during workouts as this stuff.

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