Steve Terano: Food Doesn’t Cause Muscle Growth

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“Will eating additional food or protein cause your muscle to get bigger? No.” – Steve Terano.

Is Steve Terano’s claim true? No. research states otherwise. According to Genetic Influences on the Response of Body Fat and Fat Distribution to Positive and Negative Energy Balances in Human Identical Twins by Claude Bouchard and Angelo Tremblay, during overfeeding periods, one-third of body mass gains were muscle.

Also, in the study, Upper limit of fat-free mass in humans: A study on Japanese Sumo wrestlers, it was found that non-weight training sumo wrestlers had greater muscle mass then bodybuilders.

So, eating DOES cause muscle growth.

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Bobby Clerici
April 19, 2013 9:06 am

So, you want to look like a fat ass Sumo Wrestler?

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