Steroids Safe, but Not Safe?

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Millard Baker is reporting on the story of a study performed on Chinese men. The participants were given monthly 500 mg injections of Testosterone Undecanoate, to better understand contraceptive efficacy. But the results of this study aren’t nearly as important as the observational notes…

The study found that the side effects from steroids where relatively minor. Millard Baker points out, “The study concludes that side effects from the medical use of steroids are relatively minor; however apparently when the same side effects result from the non-medical use of steroids, they are potentially life-threatening.”

[The] present study results show that monthly 500 mg TU injections can provide effective, reversible, acceptable and readily delivered contraception for most healthy Chinese men without serious short-term adverse effects. While further regimen optimization to achieve uniform azoospermia and long-term safety studies are still required, these promising findings provide encouragement that male hormonal contraceptive regimens may offer a novel and workable alternative to existing family planning options for couples who can not or prefer not to use only female-oriented contraception throughout their reproductive years.

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