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Steroids Roundup, and Selena Roberts the Hack


Steroids, steroids, steroids. Everywhere I turn today, I see steroid stories.

Let’s start with A-roid – er – A-rod. Sports Illustrated journalist Selena Roberts is soon to publish a book that has irrefutable proof that A-rod took steroids in high school. The proof?

“He said as a sophomore he could barely bench press 100 pounds,” Roberts said. “Six months later he’s bulked up 20-25 pounds and he had increased his level from 100 pounds to 310 pounds. That’s a pretty shocking leap for six months. That, in conjuntion with the reporting that I did with [his high school] teammates would make it irrefutable to me, not a ‘may have.’”

This just in…that isn’t proof of steroid use. Nice “journalism.” I entered college and, as I have stated many times, couldn’t bench press 95 pounds for reps. 8 months later when I came home for break, I could bench over 300 pounds, and had gained over 20 pounds. And I was 19 at the time. I wasn’t using steroids either, Selena Roberts. It’s actually fairly normal for a first year trainee to gain 20 pounds of “bulk,” which includes fat and muscle.

And let’s not forget one more important point…on the average, boys gain 35-40 pounds during their teen years. When this gain occurs is usually up the the individual. At the age of 13, I weighed 125 pounds. At the end of high school I weighed 180 pounds. Was I on steroids? Nope.

Selena Roberts is on a witch hunt, and she doesn’t seem interested in exploring the truth. Maybe Selena should have performed a little more research.

And in other roid news…the death of Matthew Dear in the UK is fueling an anti-steroid frenzy. Is it possible that steroids caused enlarged pupils, blindness, intoxication, severe abdominal pains, convulsions, brain swelling and kidney failure in Mr. Dear? You be the judge. …read more

Lastly, baseball player JC Romero is suing Ergopharm, the manufacturer of 6-Oxo. …read more

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