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  2. Wow!! I found a real website dedicated to those who understand what real training is about. I am addicted to this site, you guys have loads of usable content for the drug-free lifter. I, like most others spent many of my younger years reading all the regurgitated bull shit from M&F, Flex and Musclemag and got so fed up reading the same unrealistic BS printed month in, month out, year in, year out that I finally had enough. You have some really good stuff here and I hope the pretenders we see every day in the gym will take notice and start doing some real training. Keep up the good work. – MICK PALM HARBOR, FL

    PS- I love the 20 rep squat routine and yes, I get plenty of funny looks but no one is laughing at the 30 pounds I packed on.

  3. this is my favourite site!

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