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Ronnie Coleman Pictures – September, 2009

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Recent Ronnie Coleman pictures from September, 2009.

If you remember back to April, the question was…is Ronnie Coleman Ready for the Olympia? Ronnie looked big, but smooth at the time. You could also notice that certain body parts seemed to be off.

Here are some recent pictures of Ronnie Coleman, while in Portugal. Judge for yourself if Ronnie Coleman is still a Mr. Olympia contender.

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  1. He doesn’t need a break, he’s still an 8 time champion and nobody can take that away. He worked up from the bottem and made it to the top and stayed at the top for 8 years. Id like to see him come out of retirement and compete once more just for the fans but I doubt it will happen. All the best big man.

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  2. Give Ron a break the man was the best bodybuilder for years and has nothing to prove to any one. all the best Ron.

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  3. i think he looks fat

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