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I enjoy a good pre-workout supplement.  I like the focus, energy, stamina and pump that all pre-workout supplements promise.  I came across USP Labs’ Jack3d  by curiosity. I never heard of the supplement until it came up as a special on DA Muscle.  It was cheap and offered a lot of servings.  One of the main curiosities I got from Jack3d was how they advertised “Why is 77% of your pre-workout drink nothing but useless fat-storing, physique-killing filler?”.  They showed a picture of the filler compared with the active ingredients.  To me it was very interesting.  So I purchased the product.


When I received the product I was surprised with the serving size of it.  The scoop was probably a little more than a tablespoon. I followed the assessment protocol and took in 2 scoops 30 minutes before my workout.  I never actually feel the full effects that I’ve read others having.  I never experienced the tingling of skin, or redness, or jitteriness.

When I got to the gym, I started to feel a little boost of energy.  Right away I thought maybe it was more of a mental thing that I had going on and I was just anxious to see what Jack3d would do.  But then soon I started to feel that tingling beneath my skin.  I looked at my training partner and was like “Oh shit.” This was a new feeling.  Throughout the workout, I felt energized. I wanted more weights, more exercises, I just wanted to use this feeling for everything it had.  I stuck to my workout but I always felt that urge for more.  It was amazing how I was adding weights and reps to all my exercises.  My training partner just laughed because he could’t believe it.  I killed all my lifts that day.

With most pre-workout supplements I always come across the “crash”.  The first time I took Jack3d, I crashed when I got home.  I took in my post-workout meal and then I was done.  Maybe because I fully worked myself with everything I had or maybe it was because of the Jack3d.

Fast forwarding to the end of my Jack3d experience.  I learned that you really must have an empty stomach when you take this.  I had a couple days when I at an hour before my workouts and I didn’t feel any effects. I could tell my vascularity was increasing especially during my workouts.  I had veins popping out in my arms that I’ve never seen.  Also, muscle size increased and I constantly felt full muscles.  My training partner ordered his own and enjoyed the effects himself.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend Jack3d to any lifter.  It’s easy on the wallet and it delivers.  Just like any supplement it may not work for everyone but I’ve used it with success along with other’s that I’ve asked.  The effects are felt much more when you have an empty stomach, how much time before a workout? I felt the best results when I ate 2 hours before my workout and then took Jack3d an half hour before the workout.

Daniel Aipa
Daniel Aipa CSCS, lives for Iron. He is a former assistant strength and conditioning coach, and is currently personal training in New York. He believes the gym is more than strength, power, muscles, etc, but that it's a facilitator of character. The Supplement Monster The Aipa Project
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  • Daryl Sep 1,2010 at 6:29 am

    Thanks for the review. By coincidence, I ordered 2 days ago. You reaffirmed that it was a good buy.

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