Review of Muscle Milk – Collegiate Style


During my time as an assistant strength coach at a small division III institution, I was able to get a contract with a Cytosport Distributor to supply our school’s hospitality services with Muscle Milk Collegiate since it is NCAA approved.

Here’s a story though.  Our first shipment was supposed to be 50 Muscle Milk Collegiate Chocolate 5.29 lbs along with other flavors.  What ended up happening was that they sent 25 boxes with 60 packets per each box.  We called up the distributor and they allowed us to keep the boxes for distribution for whatever we wanted, and they would send up our correct order.  That meant we had 25 boxes of Muscle Milk Collegiate Packets.

We distributed some of these boxes to teams who were interested in them; football, baseball, basketball, soccer, along with others  I saw it as good time to teach them about sports nutrition, as well as promote the product to them.  Since Muscle Milk Collegiate is NCAA approved we were allowed to promote it.

The rest of the boxes, the strength staff and some of the coaches used it as our own.  It felt like I was sponsored by Cytosport, I WISH!! but only until we ran out. The packets were so easy because each packet was half a serving.

Review of Muscle Milk Collegiate Chocolate 5.29 lbs

I used Muscle Milk Collegiate mainly as a meal replacement and post-workout meal.  I’m not one to try different flavors.  I keep it simple with chocolate, you can’t go wrong. The servings called for 4 scoops.  In those 4 scoops were 580 calories. When I was trying to gain weight I took the full 4 scoops.  I used a blender because 4 scoops of the powder was a lot to put in a shaker.  One time I tried to put it all in my shaker and it ended up being just a big blob of chocolate. Not so nice.

When I wanted to lose weight, I only took half of the prescribed servings which came out to 290 calories.  Using two scoops of the powders was much easier to use a shaker. By just halving my servings of muscle milk collegiate I was able to decrease my calorie intake by roughly 500 calories, which over 7 days adds up to 3500 calories.  With that decrease of calories, it was easier for me to lose weight and much easier to keep track.  I basically ate the same as I did, but just decreased the muscle milk collegiate.

When it comes to muscle milk, some rant about the fat content of the product.  Honestly, I had no problem with it even when I was trying to lose body fat.  I’ve tried several flavors, but I always would go back to my chocolate.  I guess it’s whatever you prefer.

Closing Thoughts

I would recommend this product to anyone. It’s great for if you are trying to lose weight or gain weight.  For athletes, I highly recommend Muscle Milk Collegiate.  It’s a great product with a great following.  Cytosport sponsors colleges such as: USC, Florida State, Miami, LSU, Missouri, Oregon University, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, and others. I’ve used this product with great success.

Daniel Aipa
Daniel Aipa CSCS, lives for Iron. He is a former assistant strength and conditioning coach, and is currently personal training in New York. He believes the gym is more than strength, power, muscles, etc, but that it's a facilitator of character. The Supplement Monster The Aipa Project

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