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Review of Dianobal by Crazy Mass


If you want to build some lean muscle and get stronger, Dianobal is the answer. Made by Crazy Mass, it helps you build lean muscle and increase strength without all of the side effects of Dianabol (Methandrostenolone).
Since Dianobal or D-Bal is a clone of Dianabol, you get all of the benefits, no side effects, and it’s 100% legal.

How does it work?

D-Bal works by promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis which creates a highly anabolic state. Workout like the IFBB pros and their brutal and long workouts because you can recover faster and hit the gym more frequently. D-Bal is not injected; you take it orally and you start to see big results in less than 2 weeks. Most importantly, D-Bal is manufactured in an FDA approved lab in the United States so you do not have to wonder what has been put into this supplement.


  • Non-injectable; you take them orally.
  • 100% legal and no prescription required.
  • Speed up your recovery time between brutal sessions.
  • No known side effects unlike Dianabol.
  • Can be used in stacks for cutting, bulking, or building massive strength.
  • Get results in less than 2 weeks.
  • Plenty of great user reviews.


The only con that I can find is that you have been missing out on this stuff. I haven’t found anything negative about this supplement.

Bodybuilder and Powerlifter Reviews

Some of my friends and acquaintances have been trying out D-Bal for a few months now and here is what some have to say:

My buddy Nathan is a bodybuilder and he says that “after my first session, I was sold. I usually feel like crap the day after squats, can’t walk, and generally hating life. I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and knew that I would be using this supplement for a long time.”

James, my training partner and powerlifter says that “after about a week I noticed my strength going up. My maxes were starting to feel like speed weights and I feel like I can do more each session.”


  • D-Bal is a great supplement for anyone trying to build some lean mass or get super strong. It is 100% legal, manufactured in an FDA approved lab, and taken orally so you don’t have to worry about obtaining or disposing needles.
  • The recovery time of your workouts is incredible and after about 2 weeks you won’t feel sore or sluggish the next day.
  • No prescription, no side effects.

What more could you ask from a supplement? Take it from me and try it out, you won’t be sorry.

Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw is the primary content writer for Muscle and Brawn.

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