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Reset-A.D. by Palo Alto Labs


reset adYou spend 12 stressful hours a day at work, you bust your butt in the gym each and every night, you’ve got a wife that constantly gives you a hard time and you never seem to sleep enough. Face it, you’re flat worn out from all the stress, and the only thing that keeps you going are the energy drinks and the fat burners that you’re constantly throwing down. Like millions of others around you, you are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, a chronic condition brought about by long periods of intense exposure to stress, sleep deprivation and overuse of stimulants.

What you’ve probably also noticed is that the stimulants that you’ve been throwing down, just don’t have the same kick anymore. All those pre workout powders, fat burners and energy drinks you take just to get you pumped for your workout, and they just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. You even wonder if the formula of your favorite product has been changed without you knowing. The formula hasn’t been changed in most cases, you’ve just become desensitized to the effects of stimulants because of poor adrenal function.

RE-Stim your Stimulant!

If you’re ready to begin resensitizing yourself to stimulants, while also improving the health of your adrenal system, then you are ready. If you are desperate to put that charge back into your favorite stimulant, then you’re ready to experience Reset-A.D. Introducing Reset-A.D., the first of its kind supplement, designed specifically to resensitize your adrenal system to stimulants while helping to improve overall adrenal function and aid in the alleviation of fatigue, weight gain and muscle weakness brought about due to the over-exertion of our adrenal system. Reset-A.D. has been formulated to offer needed support to the over-taxed adrenal gland and provide your body with many of the missing adrenal hormones that are no longer being adequately produced.

Reset-A.D. is not a stimulant, and has not been designed to replace any of the stimulant products in your arsenal. It has been specifically formulated to work in close concert with your pre workout and fat burning products as a stimulant facilitator in order to give you the maximum performance boost in your workouts and throughout the rest of your day. In our fitness crazed society, we supplement our bodies for nearly every condition. We take products to support joint health, build muscle and speed metabolism in order to burn fat.

Through all this supplementation though, we are completely ignoring the critical health and function of our adrenal system. Without a fully functioning adrenal system, we no longer have an adequate ability to respond to stress. Energy production drops dramatically, fatigue and slugglishness sets in, fat storage increases and weight gain ensues. Adrenal Fatigue is not a condition that solves itself. In our fast paced, 16 hour day, stressed out lives, Adrenal Fatigue is a self propagating condition that can’t simply be ignored or masked by massive doses of stimulant products alone, i.e. fat burners and energy drinks. Now there is a revolutionary new supplement from Palo Alto Labs designed to specifically address adrenal fatigue and the overall health of your adrenal system – Reset-A.D.

I Won’t Give Up My Fat Burner and Coffee!

Normal treatment of Adrenal Fatigue requires giving up stimulants and other stress factors in our lives. We all know that this is never going to happen. We all have extremely active lives and are hooked on stimulants in order to survive. According to a recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, caffeine is the most commonly used mood altering substance in the United States. More than 90% of Americans, including children, habitually consume caffeine and other stimulants. It is very unlikely, especially for those of us that are extremely fitness conscious and spend long hours in the gym, to ever give up our stimulants, or “slow down” our lives. Reset-A.D. was formulated with the stimulant addict in mind. Reset-A.D. has been designed to be used in close coordination with fat burners and energy drinks in order to help blunt the negative impact that these stimulants have on your adrenal system, while working to resensitize the adrenals to the beneficial energy boost generally associated with these same stimulants. Through proper use of Reset-A.D., you can help over time to improve adrenal health and reduce the slugishness caused by Adrenal Fatigue.

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