Relentless by Xtreme Formulations

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relentlessRelentless post workout drink is the final word in anabolic/anti-catabolic recovery from your strenuous workouts. A host of top shelf ingredients scientifically engineered to maximize the body’s anabolic hormonal profile while at the same time crushing catabolism.

You work hard in designing and executing your training program but do you work as hard on ensuring this effort is not for naught by providing the correct nutrition when your body needs it the absolute most: post workout? Many countless hours of devotion not only go into all your hard work in the gym but also into the planning of your (macro and micro) training cycles to ensure continual progress and athletic development. Do you really want to sacrifice all this time and effort over post workout nutrition that is at best less than effective? Through scientific research Relentless has taken the guesswork out of proper and effective post workout supplementation by providing a precise blend of ingredients to your hard working muscles when they really need it most, therefore turning on anabolism and allowing your body to recover at a much quicker rate than previous.

Protein: Based on the absolute most recent scientific research (which ironically was figured out for us eons ago by Mother Nature) Relentless now contains whey protein hydrosylate and pure undenatured low temperature processed micellar caseinate in a precise ratio (65 / 35) designed to take advantage of the massive spike in plasma amino acid concentrations afforded by whey hydrosylate, and to also “follow it up” with slow release casein so there is no sudden crash in amino levels. This blend of whey to casein, along with free form BCAA’s and glutamine to provide an extra anabolic trigger has been scientifically demonstrated to provide far superior results than more simplistic “whey only” formulas could ever even hope to hold a candle to.

Carbohydrate Matrix: Relentless now contains a proprietary matrix of both fast / highly insulogenic carbohydrates for maximum anabolic response post workout, along with some slower release designer carbohydrates such as waxy maize starch to control blood sugar and avoid the ever dreaded hypoglycemic crash that could occur when using exclusively fast carbs, rice oligodextrin for rehydration and soothing of the digestive tract, and even inulin for it’s tremendous health and fiber qualities.

Relentless is designed to be the ultimate post workout superfood covering all of the anabolic and anti-catabolic bases. Never again will you have to wonder about your post workout nutrition, we have eliminated the guesswork by basing everything in the formula on solid scientific evidence! Best of all we have created an elaborate and quite exquisite gourmet chocolate cocoa flavor to remove the highly bitter nature of many of these ingredients in their raw form. The taste makes finishing your workout a pleasure in anticipation of sipping down your perfect anabolic post workout meal!

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