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Raw Unity Newsletter – August 9th, 2009


Hello fellow lifters.Please read this newsletter in its entirety as there is some very important information in it.I wanted to provide everyone with the following update on developments and progress toward the 3nd Annual Raw Unity Championships.

  • Review of the Rules of Raw Unity:

If you are new to Raw Unity or just need a refresher course on its rules, please take a look at the following videos:

As always, please email me with any questions you might have about anything.

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  • Sponsors:

As of this writing, Raw Unity 2010 will be sponsored by APT Pro Gear, Critical Bench, Titan Support Systems, and IronDrive Sports.Once you send in your entry form and pay your entry fee, I will issue you discount codes that you can use at APT and IronDrive’s web sites.Alan and Travis will both donate a portion of the sales from the use of these codes to the prize money at Raw Unity.In other words, the more that you buy from these guys, the bigger the prize money will be!Please take some time to check out each of their respective web sites and show your support by adding to their web traffic and looking at and perhaps purchasing some of their great products.Since we all use a singlet, a belt, and most of us use wrist wraps and neoprene knee sleeves; then it would be a great idea to buy these items from one of these sponsors.The more that Raw Unity powerlifters support these businesses the more these businesses are able to do for our sport and the bigger the prize money will be.It is a win-win for all of us.


APT Pro Gear:

  • Current Roster:

The following lifters have already made a written commitment to Raw Unity 2010:Taylar Stallings, Sioux-Z Hartwig-Gary, Johnny Vasquez, Larry Dyles, Eric Talmant, Ron Hackaspker, Art Menton, WC Waldron, Darren Matsumoto, Derron Bohne, Jamie McDougal, Tony Reid, Shae Jones, Sabre Schnitzer, Jeremy Hamilton, Chip Edalgo, Jon Landau, Scott Weech, Jr., Claude Bouyer, Michael De Laval, Mike Hummel, Leonetta Richardson, and Jose Garcia, Jr.Doug Phan has paid his entry fee for the deadlift only competition.

We will limit the female division (15), men’s lightweight division (15), men’s middleweight division (15), and men’s heavyweight division (15) to 15 lifters each; for a total of 60 full meet lifters.

We will limit the bench-only competition (20) and the deadlift-only competition (20) to 20 lifters each; for a total of 40 lifters.There are qualifying totals for the bench only competition, but the deadlift only competition is first come, first served.There are no qualifying totals for the deadlift only competition for 2010.

  • Raw Unity FAQ’s:

Raw Unity FAQ’s can be found here:

  • Web Site:

In case you are not aware, the official meet web site is you need to know about the meet will be posted on the site, along with each newsletter, entry form, and any changes that may occur.If you know of anyone that is interested in competing, attending, or helping out at the Raw Unity Meet I ask that you direct that person to the web site for information.Many thanks go out to Bud Lyte and BMF Sports for building and maintaining the site.

  • 2 Day Event:

The 2010 Raw Unity Championships will be a 2 day event.It will be limited to the first 30 full power competitors (total) in the women’s and men’s lightweight division and the first 20 deadlift only competitors on day 1.It will be limited to the first 30 full power competitors in the men’s middleweight and heavyweight divisions and the first 20 bench only competitors on day 2.The competition will be on January 30th and 31st at the Jackson Springs Recreation center in Tampa.More information can be found on the web site.Qualifying totals will be accepted up until December 31, 2009 and registration for the event has already begun.The qualifying totals for each weight class can be found under the “About/Qualify” tab; and you can use any meet to qualify just as long as we can verify your results as being done raw.For qualifying purposes the definition of raw is whatever that federation says it is.For example, if someone competes in the APA then they are allowed to use the monolift and knee wraps.However, once they are at the Raw Unity Championships they are subject to the rules and regulations that we have outlined specifically for Raw Unity.These can also be found on the web site under the “Rules” tab.

  • Prize Money:

More information on the 2010 Raw Unity Championships prize money will be released as it develops.It looks as though we will award money to the best lightweight and middleweight women by Wilks formula, as well as the top 3 in each of the men’s divisions, and the best lightweight and heavyweight bench pressers by a new formula (that is still in progress) that will allow the women to compete against the men.In other words, 13 individuals will be walking out of Raw Unity with cash payouts.We are hopeful that we will be able to award some money to the best deadlift by formula as well.


The 2010 Raw Unity Championships will be a non-sanctioned competition.However, Jon Hall at Powerlifting Watch does recognize the competition and your lifts will be recorded and included in his rankings lists.If you have any questions on what this may or may not entail for you, the lifter, please email me at erictalmant @

·Kilos or Pounds?

Although I agree that this is the United States of American and that we use pounds, the Raw Unity Meet will be in kilos.I have been able to secure a set of Ivanko Chrome Competition plates for the meet and would much rather know that the weight on the bar is accurate.We will be sure to provide lifters, friends, and family with a kilo-pounds conversion chart and announce attempts in both kilos and pounds.The warm up area will be in pounds.

·Entry Fees

The entry fee for the full power will again be $60 and for bench only and deadlift only it will be $50.This will be payable by check, money order, or PayPal.All proceeds from the meet will go to fund the Jackson Springs Recreation Center after-school athletic programs.We are very excited to help the youth in our community!!!I would advise that you get your entry fees in early not only to help me out and make my job easier, but to let your fellow competitors know who will be coming and competing.We will maintain an active list of those competitors that have registered and paid their entry fee on the official web site.The link for the entry form is here:

As always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me at erictalmant @ return every email that I receive.

I thank each and every one of you for your time and support.

In Strength and Health,


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