Promax Supplement Reviews

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Promax Supplement Reviews

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In 1994, the Walls family – Mike, Dina, their three kids and Toby the family dog – were hiking in the Sierras. Mike offered his kids the popular energy bar at the time. “Yuck” was their reaction (even Toby passed on it). It was then he decided it was time the world had a better tasting energy bar! He immediately put the Promax™ research and development team to work. The directions were very specific: adults had to love what they saw on the label, and kids had to love the taste. Mike knew it would not be easy, but he’d been coming up with innovative supplement solutions in the Sports Nutrition market since 1989.

It took more than two years to get it right. And everyone who tasted the finished bar agreed – it was the best tasting energy bar around. But Mike wanted input from more than his family, friends and research team. So he commissioned Strategic Technologies & Research to conduct a nationwide taste test.

Promax bar outscored the leading competitors by as much as 12 to 1. In fact Promax won every category including taste, mouth feel, and overall satisfaction. But Mike is quick to point out that while taste launched the Promax bar, it’s the energy, health and training benefits that make the bar enduring.

Today, everyone from 5 to 75 is enjoying the great taste and wholesome nutrition of Promax, from athletes looking for a performance edge to health-conscious individuals looking for a more wholesome meal replacement or energy-boosting snack. Mike’s son claims that Promax bars have the highest lunchbox trading value in the schoolyard!

Promax’s tag line really says it all … “Really Delicious, Really Nutritious.”

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