Prejudging Coming to an End?

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Is pre-judging at bodybuilding contests coming to an end? This thread is discussing the issue…

It last month’s Flex and on PBW, Bob C. predicts “the end of prejudging at pro shows.” His argument is that prejudging is needed for amateur shows because they can have 100 or more competitors and they need a system to narrow the posing field for the evening show. At a pro show with 30 or fewer competitors, they could combine the two events (prejudging and finals) into one show. Prejudging can be a bit dry without the full posing routines, and the finals don’t count towards placing so it seems pointless. The counter-argument is that two-part shows sell more tickets, and vendors get more foot-traffic with the prejudging event in place. As somebody who attends many shows throughout the year, I would love for them to get rid of prejudging. I enjoy a good contest as much as the next guy, but trying to attend morning and evening shows eats up your entire day. I’d support a ticket price increase for the night show if it meant I didn’t have to head to the theater twice in the same day. And if it’s rough on the spectators, it’s even worse on the athletes. Prejudging: should it be eliminated? WILL it be eliminated?

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