Postal by LG Sciences

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postalPost workout muscles require the most complex set of nutrients to reduce the tearing down of hard earned gains, and to replenish the precious raw materials that give real anabolic muscle growth. We believe Postal contains the most advanced matrix to reduce cortisol, increase muscle volume and speed recovery. Postal contains quick digesting protein, complex carbohydrates and a host of supporting nutrients to help give you maximum recovery after your workout.

Postal contains high BCAA proteins, creatine and singular amino acids, to help maximize muscle recovery. Postal also contains waxy maize starch to help pull these nutrients into the cells more quickly and effectively combined with dextrose to spike insulin. Finally, Ashwagandha extract is used to control cortisol which can spike greatly post workout! Postal can be used by men and women who want the best possible recovery agent after their workout. Don’t waste your hard earned workouts by letting your muscles starve, GO POSTAL and save your workout!

Postal Benefits:

  • Immediate Nutrients For Recovery
  • Great Tasting
  • Quick Absorbing Ingredients

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