Interview with Steroid Guru Anthony Roberts

Mick Madden

Anthony Roberts is a rare breed. He doesn’t feed you bullshit. He gives it to you straight, like him or hate him. And when Anthony Roberts talks steroids, it’s a good idea to listen. Please check out Anthony’s new book,…

Hot Female Gallery, Set 2

Hot Female Gallery, Set 2


Build Muscle with the 20 Rep Squat

There are literally thousands of muscle building routines on the Internet. More then enough to confuse even the most season bodybuilder. But one piece of training advise rings truer then any other…20 reps squats build muscle. 20 rep squats are…

Hot Female Gallery, Set 1

Hot Female Gallery, Set 1

Ab Exercises for Bodybuilders and Powerlifters

Ab Exercises. Abs are a favorite exercise of gym rats everywhere. On this page you’ll learn about popular ab exercises, as well as exercises to train your obliques. Each ab exercise features a mini-description. Coming soon…videos for each ab exercise….

10 Bulk Routines That Work

10 Bulk Routines That Work by Fred R. Howell (1974) Somehow in the past few weeks the word leaked out that I had at least a ton of weights in my cellar. All of a sudden every kid in town…

Deadlift Wallpaper, Set 2

1600×1200 1024×768 800×600 PLEASE NOTE: You are free to distribute Muscle and Brawn’s wallpaper collection, as long as you do not remove “,” or alter it in any other way. If you would like permission to use this image for…