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Huge Steve Reeves Gallery

Steve Reeves Gallery.

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Leg and Back Bulking Routine



(A) Full Squat, (B) Bent Legged Deadlift (C) Bent Over Row


(A) Bench Press, (B) Seated Press, (C) Seated Curl

Wednesday – Complete rest


(A) Half Squat,… Read more

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Instable Surface Training: A Slippery Slope?

Over the past few years, most large-chain gyms have begun purchasing various implements that were once seen only in rehabilitation programs. Bosa balls (a half ball with a solid plastic top), stability (or “swiss”) balls, wobble-boards,… Read more

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A Call Out to All Lifters to Fill the Raw Unity Roster

A note from Eric Talmant of Raw Unity Powerlifting, received 11/04/2009:

Hello Everyone.

I am writing to say that we have 5 spots available in the female division, 6 spots available in the heavyweight division, and 8 spots available in the bench… Read more

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Training

Sometimes I read articles over at T-Nation, and I wonder if there are other people like me in the world; people who are left shaking their heads in disbelief. Every week I get a spam email from the site promoting their new products and giving me … Read more

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Research on Chains, Viagra, Supervised Training, and More

Supervised Exercise Yields Better Results

The results are in: people who workout with supervision get better results. A group of researchers in the Netherlands recently concluded in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness that”… Read more

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Side Effects from Creatine Supplementation

There is no doubt: creatine is the most wildly popular bodybuilding and performance enhancing non-hormonal supplement on the market. Pennsylvania State University did a study which revealed that creatine supplementation results in increased… Read more

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