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Strength Training

Hit Those Hamstrings Hard

Hit those Hamstrings Hard!

Sick of waiting in line and relying on machines to hit your hamstrings? Fret no more. Here are my top 5 favorite exercises for the hamstrings. Leave those reverse curls for the girls.

1. Hang Romanian Deficit DeadliftsRead more

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Muscle and Brawn Wallpaper

Muscle and Brawn Wallpaper




PLEASE NOTE: You are free to distribute Muscle and Brawn’s wallpaper collection, as long as you do not remove “,” or alter it in any other way. If you would… Read more

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Muscle Building Workouts

The Man Maker Workout: Puke Bucket Ready

I have this crazy conditioning routine I call the MAN MAKER. This is one of my secret training routines. I will disclose it with you. Ready your puke buckets, and hydration sources. This will burn fat, shred your legs, work your lungs and make … Read more

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Mike Mentzer Gallery

Mike Mentzer Gallery

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Nutrition Training

Workout and Diet Tips: Stay Fit Through the Holidays

Here in the US, Thanksgiving is less than a week away and the rest of the holiday season is right around the corner.

And so begins the onslaught of cocktail parties, 7-course dinners and friendly “get-togethers” that occur more… Read more

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Fitness Athlete Skye Fisher’s Odyssey Continues

After placing 6th in her Fitness Class at the 2009 Arnold Amateur Fitness and 4th in the Fitness Short Class at the 2009 NPC Junior Nationals Championships during June in Chicago, Skye Fisher decided her year was just not complete.

She is going… Read more

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Old School

Are You Working Hard Enough?

Are You Working Hard Enough?
How much intensity is required for big gains? – 1972.
by Anthony Ditillo– 1972

What do you suppose constitutes the major difference between a power or physique champion and fellows like you and me? … Read more

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