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Building Muscle & Strength With Realistic Short Term Goals

“Training Reality” by John Christy

So, how’s your last month of training been? Have you stuck to the basics and made “a little” but steady progress or have you abandoned ship because progress was “okay” but too slow … Read more

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Developing Shoulder and Trapezius Mass and Power

This article by Anthony Ditillo.

It is obvious to me that the muscles of the upper torso and in particular the muscles of the scapulae area are most impressive when properly developed with sufficient size and roundness. It would seem that the

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Why Aren’t I Getting Any Bigger?

By John Christy. For more information please visit the John Christy appreciation thread.

Ah, the grand old question of them all. I know I’ve heard it a thousand times. Well, let me give you the reasons why.

1. Your eating is lousy.

I know, I know,… Read more

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New Year’s Resolution Guy: So You Joined The Gym, Now What?

This article by EliteDreams from the MAB Forum.

A new year, a new commitment to live a healthier life. Your goal: to finally look like that one friend who’s always working out.

So you’ve got a gym membership, and maybe even your friends… Read more

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How To Test Your Bench Press One Rep Max

The following article will outline a method of testing your bench press one rep max. Please use the following guidelines to help determine which progression scheme you should use.

  • Novice. You don’t recall the last time you tried to bench
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31 Workout & Fitness Motivation Sayings Applied To Heavy Drinking

You’ve all seen the endless workout and fitness motivational sayings plastered across Facebook and Tumblr ad nauseum. Well it’s time for a change.

These demotivational images take some of the most popular motivational quotes… Read more

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You Know You’re Bulking When…

You know you’re bulking when…

  1. You crap twice a day.
  2. The hot cashier suddenly thinks you’re a pig because all the food you bought isn’t for a party, merely for your heavy squat day…
  3. If your gas can gag a maggot and
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