Jennifer Chamberlin Gallery

Jennifer Chamberlin Gallery

Exclusive: Ronnie Coleman Talks to Muscle and Brawn

Exclusive: 8 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman talks to Muscle and Brawn. Ronnie Coleman talks about the possibility of a comeback, speaks about his lengthy layoffs from training, and reveals the possibility of a new supplement line. Muscle and Brawn:…


Huge Jamie Eason Gallery

Huge Jamie Eason Gallery. 130 images of fitness model Jamie Eason.

iForce Adipoxil Supplement Review

Just as USPLabs Jack3d’s retail price caused an upheaval in the pricing structure of pre-workout supplements, the new iFORCE’s Adipoxil is turning the fat loss category’s pricing upside down. 120 capsules for $24.99 is unheard of, and doesn’t come with…

Doug Hepburn: The Two Hands Curl

Muscle and Brawn Authors

The Two Hands Curl, by Doug Hepburn (1952) Among the half-dozen of so exercises in which I have always been particularly interested, is the two hands curl. I have always maintained that there is a basic movement which can determine…

Beginners: Practical Starting Routines for The Drug-Free Trainee

Though the following program is written from a “beginners” perspective, it can also be used by any trainee – beginner, intermediate or advanced. It is particularly useful for trainees who’ve trained on elaborate, split routines for long periods of time…

My Failed Attempt At Box Squats/Wide Stance Squats

Mick Madden

For most of my life I’ve performed conventional, narrow stance squats. Way back in the day, or 1986 for those of you keeping score at home, I stumbled upon a picture of Tom Platz performing deep, narrow stanced squats. His…