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Muscle Building Workouts

3 Day Beginner Muscle Gaining Workout

3 Day Beginner Muscle Gaining Workout

–Bench Press 3 x 6-10
–Squat 1 x 20 or Leg Press 3 x 10 to 20
–Barbell Rows 3 x 6-10
–One Arm Side Laterals 2 x 8-15
–Calf Raises 2 x 10-20
–DB Curls or Pinwheel Curls… Read more

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Omega Sports FlashOver Supplement Review

During the meteoric rise of pre-workout supplements, the trend was toward complexity. It appeared to be a race to the top: whoever had more ingredients that did more things would win. First we needed energy. Then we needed pump, too. Then creatine.… Read more

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Old School Strength Training

Squat The Key Lift

The squat has been labeled a monster by the Journal of American Medical Association (Aug. 1961) and by Prof. Karl Klein of the University of Texas in Sports Illustrated (March 12, 1962). Coaches across the country, who once used squats as a conditioner,… Read more

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Hardgainer? Can’t Gain Weight? Here’s Some Advice!

Nothing pisses me off more than skinny guys who complain about their inability to gain weight.

“Waaaaa (said in a whining baby voice ala Artie Lang and Howard Stern), I have a really fast metabolism.”

“Waaaaa, it’s harder for me thanRead more

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Strength Training Tools

Ohio State Buckeye Workout Chart

Ohio State Buckeye Workout Chart

The first (bolded) column is your current 1 Rep Max (1RM).

Find your 1RM, and perform the workout as listed.

Have you tried the Buckeye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Max 8  6  4  3  2  1  4
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Strength Training

Your First Strongman Competition, Tips, Tricks and Things You Should Know

So you want to compete in your first Strongman Competition!

My first word of advice is find a local training crew that has some of the events you will be encountering in your first competition.

You don’t want to start off like me and just … Read more

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Stupid Gym Rules

Some rules were just meant to be broken…

1.) “I got asked if I needed a spot on deadlifts this past week because when I set the bar down it ‘sounded like it was coming through the ceiling.’ It was 585, and the weights are on the second floor,… Read more

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