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Supplement Reviews

Advanced Muscle Science – Pump Fixx Review

I was lucky enough to keep a supplement log of Advanced Muscle Science – PUMP FIXX.  I read over a lot of reviews out there and got many mixed views.  AMS mentions to “Get ready for jaw dropping pumps”.  On their site they… Read more

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Interviews Muscle Building

Interview With Natural Wheelchair Bodybuilder Roger Espina

An interview with natural wheelchair bodybuilder Roger Espina by The Freak on Wheels Rich Knapp.

Freak on Wheels: Roger can you give us a short background on what your life was like growing up?

Roger Espina: Well for me growing up was pretty tough.… Read more

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Strength Building Workouts

Wendler/Westside Strongman Template The Rough Edition

Warning to the reader! This is something I have been taking a lot of time developing. This is the rough edition, because I will let you response, send hate mail and suggestions, work out the kinks and shape this mere article/crazy idea/guide,… Read more

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Interviews Muscle Building

Interview with Wheelchair Bodybuilder Gene Bergeron

Interview with wheelchair bodybuilder Gene Bergeron, by Rich Knapp – the Freak on Wheels.

FoW: Gene can you give us a short background on your life pre-wheelchair?

Gene: I was always into fitness. Loved lifting heavy weights and all … Read more

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Strength Training Training

Stretching and Strength! The Real Reasons Heavy Lifters Can’t Stretch

After reading Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Relax into the Stretch” I have gained serious insight on what really causes the muscle stiffness, lack of mobility and inability to stretch past our comfort zones; which is most common with Strongmen/(women),… Read more

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Ridiculous Habits Guys Have in Gyms – Part 1

When it’s time to go to the gym, some guys feel it’s a time for socializing with beautiful women, looking good, and trying to draw attention. They try to lift ridiculous weights, and get all macho with their other guy friends – chest pumping,… Read more

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Strength Training

How I Decided to Become a Strongman

Yesterday I attended an event that solidified my ultimate goal in strength training, the Colorado State Fair’s Strongman Competition, presented by the Colorado Strongman Association. This was my first live witnessing of strongman and… Read more

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