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Bodybuilding Articles

HIT Training Frequency and Volume


Article by Dave Groscup, IART/Med-Ex HIT Trainer

One often-misunderstood ingredient in a bodybuilder’s training program is the correct dosage of exercise needed for optimal muscle growth. In other words, the question of number … Read more

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Bodybuilding Articles

How Important is Muscular Contraction During Training?


Article by Dave Groscup, IART/Med-Ex HIT Trainer

As you stroll through gyms and observe trainees of all types and persuasions, you will encounter many different methods of training. You will also observe terrible exercise form used … Read more

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Powerlifting Articles

Box Squats For A Bigger Squat


by Garry Benford

My primary reason for expounding on the routine that I’m about to give is that my training squat of 505 as a 181 pounder increased to a present (1982) best of 660 at 198 through its use . . . and this gain of 150 pounds was accomplished… Read more

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The Bench Press by Bill Kazmaier


Bench Pressing is THE most popular weight resisted exercise performed, yet few achieve or even approach the results they are capable of. Too often training systems and techniques are emphasized incorrectly resulting in stagnation and slow… Read more

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Biceps Workouts Bodybuilding Workouts Triceps Workouts

Bill Pearl’s Big Arm Workout


This routine is from a January, 1968, issue of Muscle Training. The article title was “How To Build Big Arms”, and it was written by Mr. Olympia Bill Pearl.

  • Lat machine triceps push down – 4 sets x 10 reps
  • Seated Dumbbell Curls
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Bodybuilding Articles

The Ten Golden Rules of Bodybuilding


Follow these 10 golden rules, and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast

1. Having mental focus and mental awareness

Mental focus has to be one of the most critical components in bodybuilding.… Read more

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Strength Building Workouts

Build Strength With The Texas Method


by Mark Rippetoe

This method uses a sharp contrast in training variables between the beginning and the end of the week. High volume at moderate intensity is used at the first of the week, a light workout is done in the middle for maintenance of … Read more

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