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Fat Loss

The Low Body Fat Secret Of Bodybuilders And Fitness Models

The secret to getting super lean – I’m talking about being RIPPED, not just “average body fat” – is all about mastering the art of “peaking.” Most people do not have a clue about what it takes to reach the type of low body… Read more

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Muscle Building

How to Avoid Overtraining to Maximize Muscle Growth

Almost anyone that’s picked up a set of weights has or will experience symptoms of over-training at one point in there muscle building program. Over-training can lead to serious injury, chronic fatigue, and even muscle loss.

Over-training… Read more

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Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise That Delivers Top Health Benefits


While some individuals are strictly interested in obtaining muscle for aesthetics, for most people, this isn’t an interest. Instead, you’re more interested in knowing what health benefits weight lifting will have for you…

Far too… Read more

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Fat Loss

Weight Loss Tips – Effective Weight Loss Tips to Help You Succeed

In today’s world, almost everywhere you look people are looking for weight loss tips. Weight loss has become the primary objective of those who are going to the gym. They want to lose weight and they want it NOW. Luckily, there are some … Read more

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Muscle Building

Learning The Muscle Fiber Types


Choosing the best type of workout program that will stimulate the muscle fiber type that will get you the results you’re looking for is extremely important.

Unfortunately, all body building programs are not created equally when speaking… Read more

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Muscle Building

How To Build Big Biceps


The “Guns.”  The “Pythons.”  “Thunder” and “Lighting.”  The “Rockweillers.”  There is no other muscle group that has earned more nicknames than when describing a bulging and huge set of bicep!  Bulging biceps… Read more

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Muscle Building Workouts

The Razor Sharp Abdominal Workout

If you could sculpt one body part to perfection for next summer, what would it be?  Let me guess – six pack abs!  I don’t know anybody who does not want to shrink their waistline, lose body fat, eliminate lower back pain and develop a … Read more

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