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Chest Exercises

Dumbbell Bench Press


Seated on a bench with dumbbells on your thighs, kick the weights up to your shoulders and lie back. Position the dumbbells to the sides of your chests with palms facing forward. Keep your shoulders back and pressed against the bench with chest… Read more

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Chest Exercises



Grasp the parallel bars with arms fully extended and lean forward. Lower your body with elbows slightly away from your body to the bottom position where you feel a stretch in your chest. Pause, and push your body back to the starting position … Read more

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Chest Exercises

Decline Bench Press


Lie on a decline bench with your feet under the feet braces. With hands placed on the bar just outside of shoulder-width, unrack the bar. In a controlled manner, lower the bar to your lower chest, pause, and press back up to the starting position… Read more

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Chest Exercises

Cable Crossovers


Adjust the pulleys so that the handles are in a position above your head. Grasp handles in each hand. Make sure you are positioned in the middle of the cable apparatus and take one step forward. Have a slight bend in your hips, knees and elbows. … Read more

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Fat Loss

Glycemic Index – Key To Fat Loss Or Just Another Diet Gimmick?

The glycemic index (GI) is a scale from 1 to 100 that measures how quickly carbohydrate foods are broken down into glucose. The original purpose for the glycemic index was to help diabetics keep their blood sugar under control. The glycemic … Read more

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Muscle Building

Natural Bodybuilding: Ideal Body Measurements


I’m often asked what my body measurements are and/or what are the ideal measurements for a bodybuilder or a classical muscular male physique. Believe it or not, there are actually many formulas for determining the “ideal body proportions.”… Read more

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Muscle Building Workouts

Build a Bigger Chest in 3-4 Workouts or Less


If your pecs are a weak body part, or, if you’ve simply hit a progress plateau in your chest development, then this high intensity chest training program will pack slabs of muscle mass on your chest after just 3-4 workouts – and I guarantee… Read more

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