14-Week Anello Deadlift Cycle

This 14 week deadlift cycle comes from powerlifter Vince Anello. It is taken from the 183 article by Vince Anello, 14-Week Deadlift Cycle. I have drawn up a 14-week routine for the deadlift. If a lifter’s previous best was 600,…


Chest Building Workout #1 By Frank Melfa

This chest building workout appeared in the book Bodybuilding A Realistic Approach by Frank Melfa. Please support Frank Melfa and purchase his book. Chest Building Workout Bench Press Warm up – 10 reps Set 1 – 10 reps Set 2…


MAN Sports Game Day Review

I have never done a review before, but I owe an honest review to Learn for shipping a free sample out. This is going to be a long one, so bear with me; this product deserves it. I have several…


Bodybuilding Workout Programs And Splits By Frank Melfa

The following workout programs and splits appear in the book Bodybuilding A Realistic Approach by Frank Melfa. For more information please purchase the book. 3 Day Per Week Workouts 3 Day Per Week Bodybuilding Split Monday – Chest, Biceps and…


Bodybuilder Bob Paris 15 Muscle Building Tips For Beginners

1. Training with weights is much more than just swinging weights around.  In order to be successful and avoid injury, you must learn to feel muscles being focused on. 2. Perfect exercise form is more important to your progress than…


The Thor Chris Hemsworth Workout And Bulking Diet

Chris Hemsworth, the actor playing Thor in the latest Summer movie blockbuster by Marvel Comics, used the following workout routine to help him add 20 pounds of muscle. This Thor workout is THE actual workout performed by Chris Hemsworth. The…


Massive Legs Squat Workout

This workout is an intense 8 to 12 week leg building program that focuses on the use of the barbell squat and the front squat. Use the heaviest weight possible for each listed rep range, and add weight when possible….