Huge Gainer

The ultimate weight gainer. Best in class taste. High quality protein only. Superior 3:1 carb:protein ratio.

Power Builder

Powerbuilder is a Pre-Workout that was based on results only and Powerbuilder is the result of that research. COMING SOON

Iron Life

Amplify your size and strength efforts with this complete multvitamin and mineral formula.

Massive Iron

Maximize every set, maximize your progress. This is the ULTIMATE muscle and strength building book.

Muscle and Brawn: Power Your Progress

Massive Iron e-Book

If you simply love training and want to get as big and strong as possible for the heck of it, then this is the book for you.
Massive Iron

Build Muscle, Increase Strength

Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw, MAB Founder & CEO

I don’t believe in magic training systems or rep ranges. My philosophy is simple: remain consistent, use the best possible exercises, focus upon progression and enter the gym looking to maximize each set. When you maximize each set, you maximize progress. Easy, obvious, insanely effective.

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What others are saying about MASSIVE IRON

Contains a lot of great advice on how to lift, eat, and how to tackle the grind.
Also, the routines inside of it are excellent. The 20 squat routine made my squat make a 25 lb jump in two months (as a late beginner).
alaric21, buyer
I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of the rep goal system, it makes so much sense. No longer do I waste my sets, but I maximize them all, great book with perfect pillars and guidelines, if you train the way this book tells you too, you’ll get STRONG!
Jeremy, buyer

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