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Tom Platz Interview

Ironman: Tom, to start at the very beginning, when did you first get the idea that you wanted to do this – weight training? And when did you actually start bodybuilding?

Tom Platz: When I was ten years old, probably closer to 9 ½, I looked at a … Read more

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1984 Mr. Olympia Results

1      Lee Haney
2      Mohamed Makkawy
3      Jusup Wilkosz
4      Albert Beckles
5      Roy Callendar
6      Samir Bannout
7      Bob Paris
8      Sergio Oliva
9      Tom Platz
10      Bob… Read more

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News Results

1983 Mr. Olympia Results

1      Samir Bannout
2      Mohamed Makkawy
3      Lee Haney
4      Frank Zane
5      Bertil Fox
6      Jusup Wilkosz
7      Albert Beckles
8      Johnny Fuller
9      Hubert Metz
10      … Read more

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CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid. What is CLA?

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is found in small amounts in dairy products and meat, including cheese, milk, lamb and beef. Believe it or not, CLA is also found in Cheez Wiz. Kangaroo… Read more

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The Goal – Get Strong Abs

It is common knowledge that the ‘abs’ are the visual centerpiece of any muscular physique. In bodybuilding, modeling, or simply looking great, a chiseled six-pack is an absolute must. Without a ripped midsection, you won’t… Read more

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Johan Santana’s Workout Routine

Weary batters stand in against Johan Santana like dazed prizefighters-off balance, knowing that the knockout punch is on its way. No one ever knows a thing about the final blow, except that it will come from the left with Johan’s signature… Read more

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Chris Paul’s Training Plan

As Chris Paul enters the Southern Nazarene University weight room on this particular morning, all the Hornets present-vets and rookies alike-perk up. A voice from the back of the room yells, “There’s the man of the hour!”… Read more

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