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What Goes Unsaid

If you Google every major bodybuilding routine under the sun, you will have a ton of information to weed through, and a ton of programs to digest. But in this mountain of information, there is one aspect of training that is rarely talked about…… Read more

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David & Nicki Henry Interview

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Gene Rychlak Interview

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Bodybuilding Series, Part 1

NOTE: The following article is the first in a series on bodybuilding basics for beginners and intermediate lifters. Please stay tuned for more to come…



The word invokes images of oiled man (or women) with… Read more

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Barry Merriman Periodized Bodybuilding Plan

My Sample Bodybuilding Routine

This routine is intended primarily to add muscle and body mass.

We must consider all factors related to growth:

(a) Diet:

You need a high calorie diet to grow, with plenty of protein. You should get at least 1 gram… Read more

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2008 WoTM


Website of the Month:

BioLayne.con is the personal webspace for natural pro bodybuilder Layne Norton. The website features a forum, information on his personal training, a store, gallery, bio and more.
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Home Based Workouts

I Workout at Home. Is There A Good Routine I Can Follow?

I Workout at Home. Is There A Good Routine I Can Follow?

Bench Press
DB Bench Press or DB Incline Press
Military Press or DB Overhead Press
Closegrip Bench Press
Seated Triceps Extensions

Romanian Deadlifts
DB or Barbell Calf Raises

Deadlifts… Read more

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