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2009 New York Pro: Dennis James is In

Dennis James is healthy, and ready to jump up on stage for the New York Pro. Dennis came down with bronchitis prior to the Arnold, and recently missed the Australian Pro.

“Now that I’m recovered from my bout with bronchitis,”… Read more

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What to Do When Your Bench Press Total is Decreasing

Over at Discuss Bodybuilding, they are exploring what you can do if you are experiencing a decrease in your bench press poundage…

“That could be so many things. Are you eating the same or more than before? Are you supps the same?

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Video: Photo Shoot, Kai Greene and Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez

Video of Muscular Development’s recent photo shoot with Kai Greene and Victor Martinez. Watch these two mass monsters in action.… Read more

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Study: 16% of French Athletes Using Steroids

The French Anti-Doping Agency, AFLD, just released a report detailing the findings of a steroid investigation. The report tested 138 athletes across a variety of sports, including cycling, soccer, and rugby. Of the 138 athletes tested, … Read more

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Vintage Vince Gironda Posing 1947

Vince Gironda (November 9, 1917 – October 18,1997) was an American professional bodybuilder, author and owner of the celebrity-famous Vince’s Gym. His nickname was the Iron Guru.

Training philosophy

Gironda is often quoted… Read more

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Supplement Review: MuscleTech IntraVol

Today I’m going to be reviewing MuscleTech’s latest addition to its supplement lineup, IntraVol. IntraVol joins what seems to be a new area being explored by supplement manufacturers, intra-workout. Over the past few months companies… Read more

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Steve Terano: Food Doesn’t Cause Muscle Growth

“Will eating additional food or protein cause your muscle to get bigger? No.” – Steve Terano.

Is Steve Terano’s claim true? No. research states otherwise. According to GeneticRead more

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