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Vintage Vince Gironda Posing 1947

Vince Gironda (November 9, 1917 – October 18,1997) was an American professional bodybuilder, author and owner of the celebrity-famous Vince’s Gym. His nickname was the Iron Guru.

Training philosophy

Gironda is often quoted… Read more

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Supplement Review: MuscleTech IntraVol

Today I’m going to be reviewing MuscleTech’s latest addition to its supplement lineup, IntraVol. IntraVol joins what seems to be a new area being explored by supplement manufacturers, intra-workout. Over the past few months companies… Read more

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Steve Terano: Food Doesn’t Cause Muscle Growth

“Will eating additional food or protein cause your muscle to get bigger? No.” – Steve Terano.

Is Steve Terano’s claim true? No. research states otherwise. According to GeneticRead more

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Interview: 5 Questions with Jesse Lile

5 Questions with Jesse Lile

After losing his motivation to stay in shape, Jesse Lile found himself with a growing pot belly and 25% bodyfat. Partying almost every night of the week, Jesse’s diet consisted of beer, pizza and whatever else… Read more

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Full Body Workouts for Muscle Mass

Over at Critical bench, Caleb Lee lays out 7 solid reasons why you should consider full body workouts. And what sayeth Caleb? By performing full body workouts, you’ll get stronger, you will stimulate more growth inducing hormones, … Read more

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Bodybuilder Ryan Will Featured

The Salina Journal ran an article featuring bodybuilder Ryan Will. Ryan has made great improvements in his placing over the last year, and will be shooting for a pro card in the upcoming months.… Read more

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Aspiring Bodybuilders: Time to Ditch the Online Bodyfat Calculators

Aspiring bodybuilders – it’s time to ditch the online bodyfat calculators and purchase a skin fold caliper. I know it’s easy just to click to a website, input your stats, and have a bodyfat percentage spit out. But that number is generally… Read more

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