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Body Transformation: Agantha Peszt Loses 70 Pounds

At 5’6″, and 207 pounds, Agatha Peszt entered her first year of college in horrible shape. In 2003, a trip to Disney, and a photo taken with Mickey Mouse, turned her life around. “Upon my return, I developed the pictures and… Read more

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What Drives You Insane at the Gym?

What drives you insane at the gym? Anabolic Minds is exploring that very question…

The guy with his girlfriend that hug and smile and kiss and giggle at each other, especially when he is wearin an ed hardy shirt with his fitted hat tilted

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Dorian Yates Biography

Dorian Yates Biography

Name. Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates


Date of Birth: April 19, 1962

Residence. England

Nickname. The Shadow

Height. 5’10”

Competition Weight. 265 Pounds

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List of Competitors Who Can Compete at the 2009 Olympia

List of competitors who can compete at the 2009 Mr. Olympia, from the IFBB

Anthony, Melvin      USA
Cutler, Jay     USA
Elmoussawi, Moe     New Zealand
Freeman, Toney     USA
Haidar, Ahmad     Lebanon
Heath,… Read more

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Ronnie Coleman Olympia Rumors Heat Up

Is Ronnie Coleman competing? Will Ronnie be gunning for his ninth Olympia crown? The rumors are heating up. All we know, as of right now, is that Ronnie Coleman “Is leaning heavily” towards competing again.… Read more

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Deadlifting Videos With Commentary, Setup Observations

Watch the lifters as they perform each rep. Overall, the form is good. But watch to see if they sink their shins to the bar before lifting. When you don’t sink your shins down to the bar after each rep, you are putting unneeded strain on your… Read more

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Troy Alves 4 Weeks Out from Europa Pro

Troy Alves 4 Weeks Out from Europa Pro.

Troy Alves

Troy Alves

Troy AlvesRead more

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