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Bodybuilding Articles

30 Word Answers To 10 Common Muscle Growth Questions


If you’re looking for long-winded, scientific answers to your questions about muscle growth, you won’t find them here.

But don’t click away just yet. If you’re confused about muscle building, this article is sure… Read more

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General Articles

4 Tips To Help Build Better Weight Lifting Routines


Do you build weight lifting routines like you fill your plate at a food buffet?

You know what I mean: picking and choosing splits, exercises, sets and reps based on what you’re hungry for on that given day.

If so, it’s time to stop … Read more

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Powerlifting Articles

Don’t Be A Powerlifting Ronin


This article is by LTL from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

Web definitions
A Ronin was a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. You can also check out this absolute classic film featuring DeNiro and Sean Bean:… Read more

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General Articles

Body Composition: The War Between The Scale And The Mirror


Please check out John Cintron’s e-book: Building A Power Athlete With No Nonsense Training.

It happens every Monday.  Someone wakes up and decides to enter the world of weight loss.

They jump on the scale and sigh in disgust.

Next they  … Read more

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General Articles

Please Stop Using the Smith Machine for Big Lifts!


This article is by Soldier from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

In the basement of the building where I work there is a gym. It’s stocked with all the standard gym fare; A pull down machine, a seated row machine, a flat bench, an incline bench, a … Read more

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Muscle Building Workouts

Burst Muscle Building System – 3 Day Push Pull Legs Workout


This is a 3 day muscle building split that uses the Burst training method.

The split is as follows:

  • Day 1 – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (Push)
  • Day 2 – Off
  • Day 3 – Quads, Hamstrings and Calves (Legs)
  • Day 4 – Off
  • Day 5 – Back, Biceps and Traps
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Muscle Building Workouts

The Burst Muscle Building System Overview


Current Burst system splits:

Over the years I have tried many different muscle building systems. I started on a conventional body part split back in the 80s, tried double split training, Arnold-style training, HIT, Heavy… Read more

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